About Bible Study Courses

Bible Study Courses is the realization of over three decades of work and study by the Rev. Donald F. Ritsman. Rev. Ritsman studied at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA where he earned Masters of Divinity and Masters of Theology degrees. (In 2011 Rev. Ritsman was awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree by Miami International Seminary.) During his 18 years as a pastor in Presbyterian churches he studied and preached through each of the books of the Bible addressed on this site.

After his time in the pastorate Rev. Ritsman converted his study material into courses for other pastors, missionaries and lay people to use as guides for studying scripture. He spent 10 years teaching at the Missionary Training Institute in Seoul, South Korea. He has also taught pastors and missionaries in Cyprus and New Zealand. More recently Rev. Ritsman has been writing coursework for Miami International Seminary.

Bible Study Courses is designed as a resource for seekers interested in studying the Bible, for Christians desiring to increase their knowledge of the Bible and for leaders called to teach the Bible to others. The objective of the Biblestudycourses.org website is to provide study material that is biblically accurate, that enables the student to gain a deeper understanding of the teaching of Scripture, and that features a high degree of clarity and applicability. These courses and study materials are offered free of charge and this site is presented free from advertising.

BibleStudyCourses.org is the original work of Rev. Donald F. Ritsman and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You are free to reproduce the materials found on this site, but please cite credit to Rev. Donald F. Ritsman. Claiming any resources found on this website as your own work is prohibited. Commercial use of this website or any content contained on BibleStudyCourses.org is prohibited.