AngerDo you ever get angry? What makes you angry? When we witness an act of injustice, it causes anger to well up within us, especially if the act has been committed against ourselves!

Is it ever legitimate for a Christian to be angry? Isn’t the expression of anger a contradiction to the attributes of love and kindness that are to characterize our lives as Christians? When a young Christian was asked the question, “What makes you angry?” he responded, “It is wrong for a Christian to get angry.” But was he right? Did the Lord Jesus ever get angry? Consider, for example, His act of cleansing the temple, and doing so on more than one occasion (note John 2:13-22 and Mark 11:15-17.) Does the Lord God ever get angry? Consider, for instance, His reaction to the Israelites’ worshiping of the golden calf (Exodus 32:9-10.)

God, as the infinite moral Being that He is, responds to wrongdoers and their deeds with righteous indignation and holy anger. As human beings created in the image of God, our response of anger toward those who perpetrate injustice and commit deeds of evil is a reflection of our Creator’s own moral outrage.

Anger can be a righteous, God-like response, but it can also be a dangerous attribute. Fire can give light and heat. But it can also rage out of control and become a very destructive force. The same can be said of anger, if it is not exhibited and handled in the proper way.

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