The Resurrection

The ResurrectionThe Corinthians were rational, sophisticated, “scientifically-minded” people. They certainly were not ignorant, uneducated, superstitious folks, gullible and undiscriminating with regard to what they would believe. They were just like us.

That’s why they found it so hard to accept the doctrine of the resurrection. Oh, they believed in the resurrection of Jesus, all right. After all, His body had only been in the grave for three days, not enough time for too much decomposition to occur. Then, too, there were the eyewitnesses who saw Him and touched Him in the days and weeks following His resurrection.

No, the Corinthians didn’t have a problem accepting Jesus’ resurrection. What they could not understand was the final universal resurrection of all the dead on the Last Day. How could all those long ago decomposed bodies rise again?

The apostle Paul answers that question. He explains why the final universal resurrection can happen and why it will happen. He informs the Corinthians and us that, as Christians, our resurrection is inseparably connected to Christ’s own resurrection, and His resurrection guarantees our resurrection on the Last Day.

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