The Christian Perspective on Life

Christian Perspective on LifeWhat is the Christian perspective on life? How does it differ from that of the non-Christian? In a word, the Christian perspective is transcendent, whereas the typical non-Christian view is secular.

As the British Christian writer, Harry Blamires*, expressed it,

A prime mark of the Christian mind is that it cultivates the eternal perspective. That is to say, it looks beyond this life to another one. It is supernaturally orientated, and brings to bear upon earthly considerations the fact of Heaven and the fact of Hell…

The Christian mind sees human life and human history held in the hands of God. It sees the whole universe sustained by his power and his love. It sees the natural order as dependent upon the supernatural order… It sees this life as an inconclusive experience, preparing us for another; this world as a temporary place of refuge, not our true and final home.

…Modern secular thought ignores the reality beyond this world. It treats this world as The Thing. Secularism is, by its very nature, rooted in this world…Secularism puts its trust in this life and makes earthly happiness and well-being its primary concern (pp. 67-68.)

This is why the Scriptures identify non-Christians as those who “dwell on the earth” (or, as the NIV translates such passages as Revelation 11:10, they who are “the inhabitants of the earth.”) This earth is their home, this life is all they take into consideration; in the words of the apostle Paul, they are “without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12.) In striking contrast to this, the Christian is reminded that he is an alien in this present world (1 Peter 1:1,) his citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:21,) and his whole perspective on life is foreign to the thinking of the world (1 Corinthians 2:14.)

Dr. Blamires goes on to ask, “Do we, as Christians…mentally inhabit a world with a Heaven above it and a Hell beneath it; a world in which man is called to live daily, hourly, in contact with the God whom neither time nor space can limit?” (p. 76)

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*Harry Blamires; The Christian Mind; Servant Books, Ann Arbor MI, 1978.


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