The Great Flood

The Great FloodFolks in western Pennsylvania still talk about the Johnstown Flood. And that happened over 100 years ago! 1889, to be precise.

Late that spring there were heavy thunderstorms out on the Great Plains, in Nebraska and Kansas. Two days later, when those easterly-moving storms reached western Pennsylvania, there was a deluge. It was the worst downpour that had ever been recorded in that part of the country. It was estimated that 6 to 10 inches (150 to 250 mm) of rain fell within 24 hours.

Ninety-nine entire families died in the Johnstown deluge. The total death toll was over 2000 persons. Great as that disaster was, it can’t begin to compare with the deluge described in the Book of Genesis. The Great Flood wiped out the entire human race that was living on the earth at that time, except for Noah and his family.

The Great Flood was universal with regard to its annihilation of the world’s human population. Was it also universal geographically; did it, indeed, encompass the whole earth? More importantly, why did God send it, what was His purpose for doing so? Will He ever do so again? What, indeed, does He warn us that He will do on that future day He has appointed? And what must we do if we are to escape that day?

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